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Emilio Arraiza

Emilio Arraiza is an industrial engineer with a fine arts degree who has been creating and exhibiting art for nearly 30 years.  Emilio says: "Art is the link between matter and the ethereal, the horrible and the beautiful, the useful and the futile... each artist must assume the responsibility of re-inventing themselves and transcend the barriers that the perpetuity of time presupposes, the limits of space and human clumsiness."


Emilio creates complex images using abstract shapes with different colors and textures.  He has featured and has collaborated in several books and articles. In 1992 he won 1st Place, National Endowment for the Arts, Warhol & Rockefeller Foundations, New York, NY. Emilio has been the founder of, and currently manages several art galleries.


His work has been featured and exhibited in:


  • 448 Contempo Gallery, New York

  • Contemporary Art Gallery, San Juan, PR

  • Galería Pamil, San Juan, PR

  • Galería 13, Vega Baja, PR

  • Detour Gallery, New Jersey

  • Puerto Rico Fine Arts Gallery, San Juan, PR

  • Canvas Miami Gallery, Miami, FL

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