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Gabriela Kerszenblat

Gabriela Kerszenblat was born in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 




MFA in Sculpture, Fine Arts

Prilidiano Pueyrredon college of Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Advanced Training Seminar – Art History, Fine Arts

Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Post Graduate Studies in Monumental Sculpture Models, Fine Arts

Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Post Graduate Studies in Sculpturing Sketches, Fine Arts.

Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Post Graduated Studies in Painting, Fine Arts.

Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina


MFA in Painting

I.U.N.A (University institute National of of Art)

Buenos Aires, Argentina



BFA, Visual Art

U.N.A (University National of Art)

Buenos Aires, Argentina.




2016 - Art activity and braintraining functions through art invited by the ONG Stichting Multicultural Centrum of Hudsonhof, Amsterdam

2015 - Art and therapy for the elderly in a geriatric called ̈Centro de dia del doctor Barca ̈.

2006-2012 – Professor assistant at Project in I.U.N.A with the professor Enrique Valderrey.

2000 - teacher assistant at the School of Fine Arts Pridiliano Pueyrredon with the professor Ruben Locaso.

1995 - coordinator of sculptures and children workshops at the creative activities Perez Cehlis School

1996 - teacher of Arts and Crafts at the Natan Geshan School.


Now she resides in Miami where she is continuing doing her art and having exhibitions all through Wynwood.



2017 – Art wynwood. AC Contemporary Art. Grupal exhibition

2017 – Room mate Lord Balfour – organizer and invited artist.

2016 – Rubin Studio Gallery Collective Art Exhibition Art Basel Miami

2016 – Piano Concert and Art. Individual exhibition

2016 – Architecten bureau Klein. Wormerveer Holland. Individual exhibition.

2015 – Distal Arte. Muestra individual.2015 – Saap (Argentina society of Plastic artists)

2015 - Award Bigatti. Selected artist

2015 – Facultad de Derecho (UBA) individual exhibition

2015 – Salon Annual de Manchas – Museo Sivori

2015 – Estimulo de Bellas Artes.

2013 – 2015 – Fine arts Buenos Aires – permanent Artist.

2010 – Espacio Iluminatta. Grupal exhibition

2008 – Espacio Pilar. Grupal exhibition.

2007- Gallery de las Naciones.

2007- Vivendi (organization of the event and exhibition of the work)

2007- Arte clásica. (organization of the event and exhibition of the work).

2007- Trench Gallery (Punta del Este)

2006- Recova de Posadas with the magazine Arte al día organization. Grupal exhibition

2006- Grupal exhibition at Braque Gallery

2006- Vivendi -artistic direction and group exhibition.

2006- Casa Foa.Grupal exhibition

2006- Expotrastienda.

2006- Vivendi art- Artistic direction and grupal exhibition

2006- Arte BA – transarte Gallery

2006-2005- Jardín de las Esculturas. grupal exhibition. off the city government.

 2005- San Martín Palace- chancellery. Grupal exhibition.

2006-2005-2004-2003-2002- VYP Gallery (Buenos Aires – Punta del Este).

2004- Arte Ba – Sculptures

2002- Arte Ba.

2000- Salta ́s house. Painting exhibition.

1999- Salón de otoño de la SAAP.

1998- General San Martín Cultural Centre. Individual exhibition.

1996- Palais de Glace National Room of culture. Exhibition grupal of to leave Fine arts university.

1992- Galpón del Sur Gallery. Painting- groupal exhibition.



1994- Criollo Museum. Sculpture- groupal exhibition.

1995- Udaondo Palace. Exhibition of coordinators.

2003- Luis Perlotti museum

2004 – Museo Luis Perlotti. Grupal exhibition

2005 – General direction of Museum. First Prize - Adquisition. Permanent collection.



2003 – Luis Perlotti Museum- Competition Zoológico de Buenos Aires - scultoric Croquis First Prize

2003 – Luis Perlotti Museum – Competition Barrio de La Boca - scultoric Croquis - Second prize

2003 – Luis Perlotti Museum - Competition Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Buenos Aires - scultoric Croquis First Prize

2004 –General Direction of Museums – Competition of scultoric Croquis in San Telmo - First Prize

2005- Dirección General de Museos – Competition Pesebre de la ciudad- First Prize and adquisition

2006- Galería de las naciones – competition Jorge Luis Borges. - Honor prize

2008 – Federacion de la camara de la industria – creative award - first prize

2015- Estimulos de Bellas Artes - design selection

2015 – Luis Perlotti Museum – competition - scultoric Croquis. Third prize.