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Marcela Garcia Bonini

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She trained as a ESL teacher in Buenos Aires, where she lived until 2002 when she moved to Milan, Italy. In 2005 she moved to Houston, Texas.


She took painting and ceramics lessons as a teenager. In 1999 she started taking lessons with the fine arts teacher Cesar Paredes. She also took some workshops with the artist Rafael Segui. She participated in art workshops and shows in Milan while living in Italy. She is currently attending painting classes at Houston Art League and Art History and drawing  and painting at the Glassell School of Fine Arts. She takes part in art shows and exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Houston, Texas, USA, and surrounding areas.

Shows, Awards and Publications

  • “La Pareja”- “The Couple” participates in the “Salon 2000- Artistas Plasticos de San Isidro. Bs As. Argentina

  • Second Prize in Abstract Painting with “La Urbe V”- “The City V” – March  2001. Bs As. Argentina.

  • Second Prize in Painting with “Puzzle II”- June 2001. Bs As. Argentina

  • Participates in a show sponsored by the Fine Arts School Estimulo de Bellas Artes- July 2001- Bs As. Argentina

  • Third Prize in Abstract Painting with “La Urbe VI- Un rayo de Sol”-“The City VI- A Ray of Sunshine”- December 2001. Bs As. Argentina

  • First Prize in Abstract Painting with “Dos Elementos”- “Two Elements”- March 2002. Bs As. Argentina

  • First Prize in Painting with “Volando”-“Flying” may 2002. BS As . Argentina

  • Honorable Mention Casa de la Rioja with “Movimiento Otoñal”- Autumn Movement- June 2002- Bs As. Argentina

  • “Dentro de la Pampa I”- “Inside la Pampa I” is featured in the book “Argentina Art Creators. 2003. Argetnina.

  • “The City VI” participates in an art show on Contemporary Argentine artists in Paris- France. 2002

  • Awarded Artist of the Month recognition on the website: www.artonweb.com. 2004 Italy.

  • “Two Elements” is featured in the book The Grand Book of Argentine Art”. 2004

  • Honorable Mention with “Amanecer”- “Dawn”. December 2004. Buenos Aires. Argentina

  • “Dentro de la Pampa II” participates in the Salon Internacional de Artes Visuales- Pequeño Formato. Barcelona. Spain. June 2005

  • “NY 2001. Alter the Nightmare” is featured in the book Argentine Art and its Personalities”. Argentina 2005.

  • St Francis Episcopal Church Art Show- February 2006 and 2007.

  • Obtains a Second Prize with “Creation Blast II” Third Prize with “A Venetian Night II”. Honorable Mention with “Drifting” at the Artists @ Work art competition . October 2006. Katy. Tx 

  • Second Prize with “Creation Blast II” . November 2006. Bellaire. Tx

  • First Prize in Experimental Painting with “ Creation Bang”.March 2007 - Kingwood. Tx

  • Won the A.J Morrill Scholarship for the 2008 Fall semester at The Glassell School of Art for her drawing class.

  • Featured artist at Mason’s on Midway ST, Old Town Sprin, TX. April 2008.

  • Honorable Mention with “Haze II” at the LASG (Lone Star Art Guild) in May 2008

  • Shows with Marina Rojas (Chilean artist) at Canal Street Gallery, Houston, Tx. October 2008

  • First Place in Expermental Painting with “Reflections I”. Katy, TX. Jaunuary 2009.

  • Won the Foley’s Swatch Watch Scholarship for the 2009 Fall semester at The Glassell School of Art for her drawing or painting class.