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Nelson Figueroa

Nelson Figueroa has been painting since he was a child when he would draw super heroes imitating comics he was reading. In the early 90’s, Nelson got wrapped up in the world of graffiti and hip-hop where he began painting in the streets of the Bronx in New York. Although his style is not defined, his work is post-modern pop which exposes an acute social criticism; where he sometime shows violence or playful, childish love. Nelson’s work is created with a mix of acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas.


While in high-school in Ponce, Puerto Rico, he was encouraged by his teachers to pursue a career in art.  He finished college with a degree in social work and psychology; however, he knew that art was his passion, so he quickly enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in 2003. During his second year he is inspired by other broader artists that influenced his style. Local galleries began promoting his work; achieving recognition among well-known art collectors who met and acquired some of his art pieces.


Nelson graduated in 2009 with various awards from the Department of Painting and Drawing from the School of Visual Arts, and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Fine Arts.